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DKW Precision Machining, Inc. is a machining company, dedicated
to providing the highest quality machining and fabrication services
to all of our clients.

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Globally Recognized CNC Machining From Manteca, CA

Since opening our doors in 1984, the team at DKW Precision Machining has excelled when it comes to CNC machining in Manteca, CA. Clients from around the globe have recognized we are committed to consistently providing the highest quality machining services at the most competitive rates.

This has led our machining shop to work with the world’s foremost leaders across some of its most crucial industries, including industrial production, medical equipment, and aerospace innovation. With our overarching vision to deliver the highest level of efficiency.

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Services We Offer

When it comes to making high-quality machined parts, precision is vital to ensuring the best functionality.
That’s why you can count on DKW Precision Machining for the best order fulfilments and precision machining.

CNC Milling

DKW Precision Machining uses CNC machining to accomplish the high level of detail you request, down to the smallest cut for any parts. Additionally, once the measurements and dimensions are programmed into our CNC machines, we can replicate the process indefinitely, giving you the exact part every time you need it.

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CNC Turning

DKW Machine Precision offers the highest standard in CNC lathe turning services. The company’s expert CNC programmers and machinists deliver accuracy, precision, and the highest quality.

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DKW Machine Precision offers the highest quality milling services in the industry

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